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“Diverse” is one word we could use to describe Nepal. It may be a small country, only about five hundred miles from east to west where the great Himalayan range stretches along the north. Lining that snowy frontier is Tibet/Nepal border which has the greatest concentration the of highest mountains in the world. Beautiful is not enough to describe the way down the mountain slopes where very friendly folks live in attractive traditional stone houses.

A living museum with real people is like going back many centuries ago. Home and family life are maintained as they were in the past. Along with very few modern amenities you wonder how they are able to survive in this age of high technology. Different tribes, languages, cultures, religion, climate, vegetation, terrain, flora and fauna exist in Nepal. Unity in Diversity – this is Nepal. Resting between two large economic giants, China and India, Nepal manages to standout because of the uniqueness and pride in the Nepali heart.

Climb Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world or the other mountain that challenges you. Hike on unbeaten trails and see Nepali wildlife, meet people and capture nature in your camera. Happy faces greet you everywhere you go. Enjoy your once-in-a lifetime adventure. Take a trip with Fun Nepal Travels Tours. Reflect what life is about. Indeed, only in Nepal, you can see the purpose of your being.

A trek is a walk of many days up and down trails through villages where the people live in much the same way as their ancestors did generations ago. Because the accommodation in these remote areas is not always of acceptable standard, we provide camping gear and food, the equipment is carried by porters, food is prepared by professional Sherpa cooks.

Experienced Sherpa guides accompany you to point out the correct route and organize the camping facilities. The Sherpa exemplify Nepal’s legendary hospitality that brings trekkers back again and all you need to do is walk along the trails carrying rucksack with your camera, water bottle and jacket, the rest of your personal equipment and your tent, sleeping bag and mattresses is carried by the porters. All the walking is no well established trails, no mountaineering equipment or experience is required for these treks.

A trek is for those who are reasonably good condition, who likes adventure and who are open mined enough to appreciate the traditions of a land totally different from their own. It is for people who want an insight in to a way of life that spawned a wondrously hospitable people and an incredibly rich culture that has been deeply influenced by the world’s most awesome mountains.